23 December 2013

Kind of character study...

Not so much character study as (finally) playing around with some gouache I got as a sample at SDCC this year.  I think it gets a little too much with the textures, but I had fun. Going to definitely be playing with gouache in the future!
Also, in case you didn't know, the comic has officially re-begun! You can find it here, updates on sundays: http://fantasticjourney.cfw.me/ For the next 4 (I think) weeks it will be old comics reuploading, and then new ones will begin! I'm so excited. It will be a great way to force myself to keep drawing and developing my skill, and push my visual storytelling.

26 August 2013

I got a book on owls...

And I drew the owl on the cover! This was my warm-up sketch from last night. I love owls! I started it in ballpoint pen, as I tend to, and then fleshed it out with a black prismacolour pencil. I wish I'd had a stick of it instead of just my pencil, but the rest of my supplies were somewhere else and I like the way it turned out, regardless.

15 August 2013

A warm up sketch and a surprise!

Warm-up sketch from the other day. Nobody bounces like little goats, man!

AANND here's a preview of the next page of Fantastic Journey! Building up a nice buffer before I start posting finished pages again, which is going to be this winter. But in the meantime, here's the shading breakdown of the next page (remember, the character was last seen approaching a forest):

It took quite a few tries before I figured out a composition I was happy with for this page-- but I'm so glad I did. This is a MILLION TIMES BETTER than what I was going to go with originally! I have so many thumbnails, which you'd probably never guess considering this is a single-panel page, lol.

08 August 2013

Something from my sketchbook last night-- a refinement of a monster that will show up in Fantastic Journey, based on an earlier sketch.

03 June 2013

This funny guy was created from one of the doodles at http://cupodoodle.blogspot.com, (specifically, the second one on this post: http://cupodoodle.blogspot.com/2013/05/052413-scribbles.html) when I couldn't figure out what to draw, but I wanted to play with a new brush I got.